I would just like to share my wonderful experience with Ms. Cora Uy, who brokered our rental at Eton Baypark.

Cora is such a gem! She is an ideal broker — service-oriented and with a pleasing demeanor. She was very responsive to our queries and accommodating of our requests. She is very articulate, making it easy to communicate with her. This is why I have recommended Cora to my colleagues.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Terri Calabia
June 21, 2017

I can heartily recommend Cora as being a most professional and helpful person in real estate matters. She has steered me through two successful purchases, has answered my many questions promptly and accurately and has been most courteous in all our correspondence and meetings. Buying property whilst based abroad requires having confidence in the person who is over-seeing the deal and Cora gave me full confidence in that everything was done  correctly, accurately and to conclude a successful transaction.

I’m sure that all her future clients would also be well looked after and gain from her experience and real estate knowledge.

Andrew Cook,
57, Woodbridge Road,
Ipswich IP4 2ED,  UK
Tel. 00 44 1473 421907

January 2010